The Appointed Times of YHWH

New Testament Believers Do not need to know or keep the Appointed Times. Right?

As with everything and to quote the Book of James, All scripture is good for teaching, reproving....... That means that ALL does not mean Partial. We have to realize that our Owners Manual starts at Genesis 1 and Ends(so to speak) at the end of Revelation. ALL scripture means ALL and not just parts. So, as True Messianic Believers, we will choose to learn and practice all the things YHWH has commanded us to do and that we are capable of doing.

It is very important to understand that of the 613 Commandments listed by the Rabbis, some are only for the Levitical Priesthood, Some are for Temple Worship, some are for those who Live in Israel

Since there is no Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and the Levitical Priesthood can not keep those commandments and we are not in Israel - that only leaves us with about 275 Commandments that we can possibly do.

Out of those 275, most Christians do about 150 of them while saying to everyone that the Law is Dead. How, foolish people are to think that way. We are to study and learn the Truth of every Matter.

What are the Appointed Times and What do they Mean to us?

The Appointed Times include, New Moons, Sabbaths, Feasts and Holy Days prescribed by YHWH for the Children of Israel to keep, forever, throughout their generations.

Now this is a very important point I am about to make. Jews can not become Christians in the manner that Christians understand it. Jews are already part of the Children of Israel even if they are broken off Branches. Some are not and never were broken off branches.

Anyone who gets Saved, gets Grafted into the Promises to Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Jacobs decendents. Jacob who is called Isreal, had 12 sons who are the original Children of Israel (not to be confused with anyother use of the term Israel)

So, in reality, Gentiles become grafter into the Children of Israel when they get saved. This is such a hard concept for many Christians to understand even though they know it up and down, front and back. It just does not register in their minds for good reason. Satan wants to mess with everyone and hide all the truths in plain sight.

The Appointed Times mean everything to us as they remind us where we came from, they tell us who we are, and they tell us what is going to happen in the future. This way we can be as prepared as possible as good testimonies for Messiah Yashua.

The Appointed Times by YHWH

New Moon of Aviv

Monthly New Moons

Weekly Sabbaths


Feast of Unleavened Bread

First Fruits


Day of Trumpets

Day of Atonement

Feast of Tabernackles

Shimini Artseret

The Appointed Times set in place by men of G-d and approved by YHWH