Recovery done Yahs Way

Will YHWH Heal Everyone during their Lives, who ask or Pray?

The Will of YHWH comes first above all things. But, We see that Kepha - Peter, had the same powers of Healing that Messiah did. So, that being the case, why can't we all have that same healing power?

There are multiple answers to this question, so let us take a quick look at them.

First thing we have to understand is that the person who wants to be healed has to have faith that they can and will be healed. Second, the person who is to walk in Peters shoes needs also to have the faitht That YHWH will do the Healing because of the Faith that each of them have. Think this is easy, Sometimes Yes and Sometimes No.

Next, we are told that if we are sick, that we should go to the Elders of the Congregation for Prayer and Laying on of Hands. Problem is that too many congregations are not mature enough to make this a credible formula as prescribed.

That is why our Congregation needs to make sure we have mature believers so we can see these miracles of YHWH in action. There are even more ways, but these are the most obvious.

Understanding Recovery

People who want Recovery need to understand that they must have a Real relationship with YHWH. This does not mean they have to declare being Messianic, but it helps. Why? Because YHWH searches our hearts and knows who and what we are all about. He wants people to get healed and become part of His Real Family. What that means is that if you get healed at one place and then go somewhere else for the rest of your Spiritual Life, you might be seriously missing out on what is most important for you and your continued recovery.

This is never an easy subject to deal with, but our goal is to create our Messianic Family First and foremost. We may not turn anyone away, but at the same time, we seek to keep those who come to us around to be a part of our growing family. And Yes, making Disciples means that at one point, people will leave. But that is to be expected once people are mature enough and grounded enough to go where YHWH sends them.

People also need to come to understand who is doing the real healing. Many tell us that we have not walked a mile in their shoes and therefore we can not help them or understand them. This is totally incorrect because YHWH gives us the gift of understanding and it is also YHWH who knows each person and knows what is needed to heal them. Healing will probably not happen for people who start off being negative and never giving themselves up to YHWH. We are only facilitators who are loving guiders to the Truth. It is all about YHWH.