End Times Prophecies

Do We Need to Know Them?

The closer we get to the final bell, the less time we have to prepare. The more we know now, the more prepared we are now to help others get to where they need to be in the Kingdom of Heaven as well as be prepared to help others when all life on earth goes into chaos.

But, if that does not interest you or you just do not care about the future, maybe you should start caring because we are Commanded to be prepared and to prepare others.

Are Your Ready?

None of are totally prepared and m any of us are looking intently at the Signs of the Times to see how far into the Season we are. There are certain prophetic signs that can not be ignored when they show up. When they do, we need to go into action and do our part.z

One story sticks in my brain like a you can not believe. The short story is that the Jews who lived in the ghettos of Europe went to their Rabbis to ask what should be done regarding Hitler. The Rabbis told them to go home and not to worry about Hitler. THE RABBIs Were DEAD Wrong. They suffered the same fate as all people who choose to stay blinded from the Real Truth of YHWH. Because of them, 99.9% of the Jews died in the Holocaust. Do we want to suffer the same fate as the Rabbis or the Jews who died? I think not.

Studying and knowing the End Times Prophecies is only the right thing to do. Let us all continue togehter to see if we can do better at being prepared.

And These examples are just a few of the Many Prophecies we Need to Know.