Is This the First True WWW3 Story

How the World Hates G-d

The Story you are about to read should open your eyes to the Evil of Mankind and it's need to destroy itself in order to prove that G-d does not Exist and to prove that Satan is the Real Ruler of Planet Earth.

The Ultimate Question you need to ask yourself is this; Whose Side do I want to be on, Who do I truly believe in who has me covered, and who is the Real Enemy I need to learn how to protect against.

And Away We Go

On one level, it would appear to our human brains that our leaders may know things we do not and their actions must be justified or else they would not do these things.

On another level, our human brains would like to know if what we are hearing is actually true, but we may never get to find out.

On the most important level which is spiritual, we seek the higher answers to these questions, but have we put in the time and energy to be able to tap into this higher plain of existence and thought.