Who is the Real Enemy

What?- The Entire World is Focused on the Wrong Enemy

Sorry to have to inform you, but the Real Enemy is not the Catholic Church, Nor Islam, Nor the Jews, Nor Russia, Nor China, Nor Iran and so on and so forth.

Yes, all these nations, relgions, and others play into what we see feel and touch and think are the Real Enemy. Why? because at face value they Hate what ever seems good and they want to destroy what ever is good.

But, unfortunately, they are merely Pawns, knowingly or unknowingly working for the Real Enemy and who unfortunately will probably all pay a terrible price for working for the wrong Master.

And Away We Go

So, let us get down to brass tacks. The Real Enemy is Satan, or as some call him the Devil or Lucifer or what ever name one wants to use. But in Ezekiel 28, YHWH tells us who he is and who He once was. He was the Anointed Cherub and he was perfect at one point in time before he fell from Grace and Crash Landed. It is Satan's rebellion against YHWH at the Spiritual Level First that causes all the casualties at the Physical Level as well. Satan hates his Creator because he chose to want to replace the Creator YHWH instead of honoring YHWH who created him in the first Place.

We need to go back to the beginning to understand why we need to look at our enemy from the proper Perspective.

Before YHWH created mankind, He created the Angelic Realm which included Cerubim, Seraphim, Angels/Messengers, and others we will not discuss at this time. They were all given Jobs to do in regards to the created space we currently inhabit. ( this is a much longer story to be told later on )

As per Ezekiel 28, Satan was in the Garden of Eden and on the Holy Mountain of YHWH. So, Satan in his rebellion against YHWH decided to corrupt mankind whom YHWH had created as part of his war against YHWH. As far as we know, it all started with Adam and Havavah(Eve) and the affair with the Pomegranite(Apple) which caused the fall of Man from Grace. And the war has continued now for 6,000 years.