The Birth of Yashua the Messiah

What? Miriam and Joseph were Torah Observant Messianics?

Did you know that Miriam and Joseph were not technically the first two Messianics in History.If I were to take a wild guess, I would say the first true Messianic was Seth(the third son of Adam). Why? because even Adam knew G-d Direct, but Adam started off being made from the dirt and was not born of Flesh and I feel it only fair to pick someone who was born. Some might argue that Abel should be the first and I would have a hard time telling them they are wrong. The moral of this particular story is that we need to think deeper then the surface information we are given all the time. If you do not understand, then we can talk about it later.

you can read the entire story from scripture in a PDF that is located at the end of this article. It will amaze you to find out all the interesting facts you may or may not have been privy to in the past.

And Away We Go

What is important to know before reading this story in scripture is that Miriam and Joseph were both Torah Observant Jews who were both from the Tribe of Yahudah(Judah) which they had to be in order for Messiah to be from the Tribe of Yahudah. They both came from the line of King David. There is even more to all of this as well, but not this time.

Torah Observant means that they did things in correctness FOR REAL. So, all these stories that defy Torah are not going to be true when disected through the eyes of Torah. If you have never dealth with the real dates and times of Messiah's birth, know that He was born around or at the Feast of Tabernackles which comes in September/October. It makes sense because YHWH has a great sense of humor and Messiah came and Tabernackled with us.

What is really awesome and never taught is that the Wise Men did not show up and bring their presents on the day Messiah was born, but rather when he was around one to two years old and living in Nazareth with His parents. How do I know this? Because the scriptures say so. And what supports this is the fact that by Torah, Miriam and Joseph had to go to Jerusalem on the 33 day of Messiah's life to present Him to the High Priest. That is verified by scripture as well.

And there is even more. We know the Wise Men had not come by Messiah's 33rd day of life because Torah requires them to bring a Bull or Ram with them if they are in the money and to bring two Turtle Doves or Pigeons if they are poor. Wanna guess what the scripture says they brought? You got it, two pigeons.