• Beth El Press Releases

    Beth El Messianic will be sending out Press Releases on a regular basis for Local and Worldwide distribution. Why? To attract attention to the Word of G-d and where people can come and hear the truths they seek while learning how to remove the lies that get in their way on a regular basis.

    To this end, we will be using our FM Radio Station, our Website and Twitter as part of our expanding outreach locally and worldwide. We have a lot of work ahead and would love your involvement.

    If you are a Facebooker or a Disquser or a My Spacer or any of the other Social Media Platforms user and lover, we would love to talk to you about reaching out to those arenas as well.

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  • The Calendar of YHWH

    One would think that the Gregorian Calendar we all use today, would mean something. To YHWH, it does not represent the true calendar he gave to Moses to use from the time he took the Children of Israel out of Slavery in Egypt and to be used from then on until today.

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  • Teaching Inmates in Prisons

    When YHWH puts it on your heart to visit inmates in prisons and be a good witness for the Kingdom of Heaven, you accept that calling and you show inmates that YHWH cares about them as much as he does those who are not in prison. Everyone has the right to hear the Good News of the Kingdom.

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  • Appointed Times of YHWH

    As with knowing calendars, the Gregorian Calendar is useless for determining the Appointed Times of YHWY. You must first know the Calendar of YHWH and then you can see what Gregorian Date matches up with it. To try and determine the Appointed Times of YHWH any other way is a true waste of time. Listening to those who tell you they know the Truth of the Appointed Times without being able to back it up, will cause you to be caught off guard one day. That is not how the Kingdom is supposed to work.

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  • Knowing The End Times Prophecies

    It would be a great idea for everyone to learn and then study what the Word of YHWH has to say about the End Times and to know where we stand if we are around to experience them. Knowing the Calendar of YHWH helps big time in being prepared. Why? Because many of YHWHs Signs fall on Appointed Times.

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  • Celebrate Real Recovery the Way YHWY Intended

    Many people have been helped by the Organized "Celebrate Recovery" Program in many Churches today. But, real recovery comes by getting into a true relationship with YHWH and His Son. Why? because it is through the Holy Spirit that one is able to maintain a viable recovery all the way to the Kingdom to Come and not just here on Earth.

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