Let us All Live Forever?

Door #1 or Door #2 or Door #3

If you believe in G-d, but you do not take the Messiah seriously, Where will you most likely end up after you die in the physical?

If you also believe in Messiah seriously, where will you end up?

If you do or do not believe in G-d, but think science will be the answer to all your questions, where will you end up?

And Away We Go

I can go on and on with the questions, but now is the time to consider each reality.

The desire to live forever is natural, but how you get to that end result has been the debate for a long, long time.

Does one put their faith in G-d and Messiah and the Word of G-d? Does one put their faith in science? Does one put their faith in the Devil? Does one put their faith in nothing as when we die, it is all over and even science will not be able to find a way to help us live forever?

I am almost envious of the reality of our ancestors going back 1,000s of years as their choices were few and life was much simpler. Today, we have millions of bits of data to analyze and it seems that there is no clear answer to what is right or wrong or the TRUTH.