The First Gentile Believer in Messiah

Kepha-Peter was the Lucky One

Did you know that Kepha-Peter was the lucky one to convert the First Gentile to Believe? Well. you now know because I told you so. If you do not believe me then continue reading.

The entire story can be read starting with Acts 10:1 and going all the way through Acts 11:18. This is an amazing story told by Luke of all people.

All I can say is that this is one of my favorite stories to tell because it is chock full of wonderful knowledge and wisdom regarding the Kingdom of Heaven and how it works. I will provide a link to the Scripture portion, but the commentary will either be written here or will be imparted when I narate the story at one of our services.

And Away We Go

It all starts with this Roman Centurian Captain who decides he wants to be a Jew. He is part of the Ruling Roman Empire who control the Land of Israel at this point in time when Messiah and His Disciples are running around preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. But for some reason, this Roman Centurian has either not heard the message or has discounted it due to his zealousness to become a Jew.Now it is not only He that has become this way, but also his family, his servants and his soldiers. For all we know he could be one of those other Roman Centurians who sent to Messiah Yashua to get men cured.

Well, for all of the Christians who think that unbelievers prayers never get 10 feet off the ground; they need to rethink their positions on the subject. One day, a Heavenly Messenger tells this Pagan Centurian that His Prayers and His Good Deeds to the Jews have come before G-d as a rememberance. What, you say? Yes, you will get to read it for yourself as well.

Now, the Messenger from Heaven tells him to seek out Kepha-Peter because Kepha-Peter will have many things to say to him. So, the Roman Captain does exactly what he was told to do.

Now, Peter on the other hand is at home on the day the Roman Captains Men show up looking for him and he is on the roof of his house waiting for dinner to be ready and he is super hungry. Now Kepha-Peter has a vision where he sees the Sheets with All kinds of animals in the them and is told to take and eat. Surely you know this part of the story as it is the part of the story that Christians use to prove that Jews and Messianics do not have to keep Biblical Kosher anymore ( FYI - There is a big difference between Biblical and Rabbinical Kosher ). Well I have bad news for everyone; this is as far from the Truth as we can get and there are many reasons we will give later regarding why this is not so.

In the mean time, Kepha-Peter is very confused and does not know how to interpret the meaning of the vision, but the Heavenly Messenger tells him that he needs to go talk to the guests that just arrived. So, that is what Kepha-Peter does.

I do not want to tell the entire story at this time, but I will jump to the end of the story now.