Let us All Live Forever 2?

The Challenge to Understand it all

When reading the next article below, it would be good for you to think hard how each potential medical reality actually plays out based on Kingdom of Heaven Rules layed out in the Biblical Scriptures.

It seems that the lines between godliness and ungodliness are getting more and more blurred day by day.

Ulimately, the big question deals with how to know if something so wonderful and exciting and promising is to be of value to us who follow the Biblical Scriptures or a lure to pull us away from following in Correctness.

A tour of world and biblical history clearly shows how this delema has played out over and over again throught all of time. So, we need to at least address these subjects from a biblical perspective and see if we can make heads or tails as to what we should believe or not believe and what we should choose to accept or stay away from.

And Away We Go

The answer is actually quite simple, but the journey to understand the answer can be either simple or very difficult based on many factors that many of us never considered to be factors in decision making.

In the end, the simple answer is that G-d has supplied the answers to our questions to the point where we do not have to rack our brains to know the truth. The problem we have is that we no longer believe in simple answers to what appear to be complex subjects or questions.