Understanding the Future

Can YHWH & NASA be Right?

This is probably one of the most scary predictions of the future, by NASA and to the unbeliever and the weak believer. This might just cause them to not want to live anymore. Better yet, it might scare them into falling for any other offer of salvation other than the Salvation of YHWH.

Truly Understanding the Salvation of YHWH is a real process. One must get to the place where their entire being is slowly changing to the point where awarenes of all that is going on around them is merely just that, "Awareness".

The other part of the equation is that even though the awareness of pending doom for the world at large is truly real, you somehow can be at peace with it.

And Away We Go

True Salvation Understanding is about getting to the point where Awareness of your surroundings and the Peace that goes Beyond Understanding, become the New You in your relationship with YHWH and His Son Yashua the Messiah.

If you are not there yet, do not worry. You can get there if you truly want to get there. YHWH will gladly help you if you ask with a Pure Heart.

So, how does one get to know when they have a pure heart? All I can tell you is that you have to keep practicing crying out for help until YHWH puts the answer in you. Either way, if you are serious about wanting True Salvation, YHWH does not leave you alone while you are working on being the best you can be in the Kingdom of Heaven.

YHWH is a very wonderful Elohim and desires that none of Mankind should perish. The problem is that we perish due to lack of knowledge and wisdom from above. True Wisdom comes from first wanting to have the knowledge of the Torah of YHWH and also Loving YHWH by learning how to keep his commandments.