Jew & Gentile or ????

What?- Children of Israel is the Correct Term.

The Term Jew is used incorrectly from a Biblical Reference Point. Actually, the correct term for members of the Kingdom of YHWH is "Children of Israel or Sons of Jacob. Why? Because when a person chooses to believe in Messiah Yashua they get grafted into the Promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. These promises were passed down to the Sons of Jacob in a set of 5 Scrolls called the Torah. It is the Children of Israel - the Sons of Jacob who are the keepers of the Oracles of YHWH and no one else.

Since every Catholic and Christian know that they are grafted into these promises, it makes one wonder why no one chooses to use the correct term which is that we become included in the family of the Children of Israel.

Now, an argument can be made that says, Pontious Pilate wrote in Hebrew, Greek and Roman the words Yashua, King of the Yahudim(Jews) and that the correct term is Jew. How-ever, one must understand that the Term Yahudim back then refered to the Kingdom of Yahudah, which consisted of the Tribes of Yahudah, Benjamin and the Priestly Tribe of Levi and not the specific Tribe of Yahudah. What we also must understand is that the Northern Kingdom of Israel ( not to be confused with the Children of Israel ) consisted of the other Tribes that are lovingly called the Lost Tribes.

And Away We Go

So, let us get down to brass tacks. Messiah Yashua was from the Tribe of Yahudah as was prophesied, and He was correctly called the King of the Kingdom of Yahudah that existed at that time. But, He is the King over all the Children of Israel which includes all gentiles that are grafted into the promises to Abraham, Issac and Jacob and does not exclude any of the other Tribes of Israel.

Therefore, the correct term every believer should be using is that we are all Children of Israel and are all part of the family who have the Promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacon and Jacob's 12 Sons who are the Children of Israel.

Why is this so important to understand? Simple. The use of Stereotypes and the abuse of words has created a lot of Hatred and misunderstanding between peoples. We are required to go back and learn the truth and teach the truth so as to remove confusion and bring the Kingdom of Heaven back to where it rightfully belongs - In our Hearts, and Minds and Spirit.