China attacks India! What Now?

Water, Water Everywhere......

Water, Water, Everywhere and not a drop to drink. Change that to Bad News, Bad News, Everywhere and not a drop of Hope to Drink.

That is the headlines we should publish worldwide.

But, there is plenty of good news from the Kingdom of Heaven Press Room. There we find only the Good News of Salvation for those who want it.

The Scripture that says "In the World, but not of the World" is super important to understand if one is going to live in relative peace while the world at large seems to want to seek to destroy itself.

And Away We Go

If you know you are going to live forever as stated in the Scriptures, then you have nothing to worry about. Do You know whether or not you are going to live forever?

Would we still mourn when people die, especially those close to us? Yes.

Would we still enjoy any blessings bestowed upon us while we are still living? Yes? Would we continue to seek to help others in need as well as protect those who can not protect themselves? Yes. Would we do all the things we are commanded to do in scriptures while we are still alive and kicking during our temporary stay in this world? Yes.